Specialized Substance Abuse Services

Substance Abuse Counseling

Our experienced, licensed, clinical and/or certified addictions counselors provide comprehensive drug and alcohol assessments, outpatient counseling as appropriate, and case management services.

For employees requiring higher levels of care, the counselor will coordinate with the employee’s health insurance coverage for specialty alcohol and substance abuse treatment, monitor the employee’s progress, and assist with work-related issues.

Substance Abuse Policy Development

As part of the employee assistance program implementation, EAN will review and help your organization develop a specific policy on substance abuse. Issues the policy will address include, but are not limited to, testing for substances, formal referrals to the EAP for substance abuse concerns, and how the EAP can help substance-abusing employees

Last-Chance Agreements

EAN will also construct a “last-chance agreement” for your organization, which outlines the referral and monitoring process for employees who have positive drug screens, or who need monitoring for substance abuse problems.

EAN offers extensive case management to ensure compliance with a signed last-chance agreement. This includes the initial and follow-up assessments, consulting with management, assisting with medical benefit access, and acting as a liaison with treatment providers, among other services.