Empower Your Organization

The Employee Assistance Network’s comprehensive, integrated services focus on prevention and early intervention to reduce costs for your organization.

A Trusted Partner

EAN’s high-touch customer service and rigorous quality controls lead to longstanding relationships with the organizations we serve. We provide a number of on-site services, and each client is assigned an on-call account manager.

Leaders in your organization need support when faced with challenging employee concerns. EAN is there to guide managers who recognize when an employee’s personal issues are interfering with their ability to do their job.

Holistic Approach

We work with you to guide all performance-related referrals, and this collaborative approach often results in improved work performance due to enhanced personal functioning.

Our generous on-site benefits, comprehensive trainings, and promotional plans allow us to truly customize our EAP services to the unique needs of your workforce. We also integrate EAP services with medical benefits and wellness initiatives, as well as coordinating with disability and workers compensation

High Quality for the Best Value

The nonprofit advantage allows us to offer extremely high quality services not available to other EAPs, yet keep operational costs low enough to offer rates among the lowest in the industry.

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