Employer Services

Every organization we serve matters. All Employee Assistance Network clients receive:

Dedicated account manager

Your account manager will coordinate implementation of the EAP, schedule any on-site training, and proactively work to maximize utilization. The account manager is always available, with backup, for management consultation.

Manager/supervisor training

The Employee Assistance Network teaches managers and supervisors how to maximize utilization by identifying the most at-risk employees and making effective referrals. This training is encouraged and included on an as-needed basis at no cost, and is not counted toward allowable on-site time.

Management consultation services

Consultation with managers and human resources personnel on specific situations is included and encouraged. We provide enough direction to manage challenging employee situations, while also guiding the referral process for a successful outcome.

EAP orientation training

EAN will introduce the benefit and answer questions on its use. A separate Executive Orientation is provided for senior management. These trainings are encouraged and included on an unlimited basis at no cost, and are not be counted toward allowable on-site time.

On-site crisis response service

A professional crisis response team can provide a professional response, on site, to any trauma your organization experiences. Our team has responded to events such as natural disasters, workplace fatalities, accidents, crime victimization, and witnessing violent death. Grief counseling is also available, on or off site, in cases of death or loss affecting a department or the larger organization, such as suicides, terminal illness, and other fatalities. The response may include on-site group sessions for employees, or meetings with individuals to respond to a traumatic event, to help employees increase their personal functioning after trauma.

Health and wellness workshops

Our wellness group education seminars complement an organization’s own wellness initiatives. These workshops increase EAN’s credibility and visibility by giving employees a safe, informative environment in which to experience EAN staff in action. Find a list of workshops and trainings here.

Regular statistical reports

EAN provides regular, comprehensive utilization reporting that is tailored to the individual needs of your organization and includes recommendations based on the data. (No personal or identifying information is included.)

Policy development

The Employee Assistance Network will review and make recommendations on all company policies related to the EAP, including but not limited to: harassment, violence in the workplace, drugs and alcohol in the workplace, last-chance agreements, concerns related to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), workers compensation, and others.

Downsizing consultation

EAN has expertise in providing downsizing consultation and coordination with outplacement assistance. Consultation is included in your benefit whenever needed.

Specialized substance abuse services

EAPs originated when employers first recognized the value of helping employees impaired by addiction. EAN continues this important tradition with a broad range of services to help your workforce be substance-free. Click here to find out more.

On-site workshops for managers

In addition to trainings, EAN offers workshops and seminars for managers and supervisors. Click here for a list of manager trainings.

Program promotion

Our comprehensive promotional plan encourages above-average use of the EAP by creating awareness, building a positive program image, and encouraging use. It includes a wide variety of written materials as well as specialized training programs.